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Jun 16CharCole1 – Only A Mander
Jun 17CharCole2 – Pocketed Poke-man
Jun 18CharCole3 – Following Misdirections
Jun 19CharCole4 – A Rocky Start
Jun 20CharCole5 – You’re Doing It Pokemon
Jun 21CharCole6 – You Make My Head Bulbasaur
Jun 22CharCole7 – You Probably Thought There Would Be a Joke Here
Jun 23CharCole8 – Having A Pokeball
Jun 24CharCole9 – Keen Sense Of Direction
Jun 25CharCole10 – Ominous Kinda
Jun 26CharCole11 – Are You Flippant Me Off?
Jun 27CharCole12 – It’s All In The Presentation
Jun 28CharCole13 – Danger Danger, High Voltage
Jun 29CharCole14 – You Activated My Trump Card
Jun 30CharCole15 – That Seems Oddly Expositional
Jul 1CharCole16 – Whatever It Is He’s Doing
Jul 2CharCole17 – Priorities
Jul 3CharCole18 – Loony Redux
Jul 4CharCole19 – Built On Good Intentions
Jul 5CharCole20 – Speechless
Jul 6CharCole21 – Speaking Pointedly
Jul 7CharCole22 – Collision Course
Jul 8CharCole23 – Whut Sheem’sh T’Bee Th’ Porblem Oshifer?
Jul 9CharCole24 – He’s A Rocketman
Jul 10CharCole25 – Ahead On Our Way
Jul 11CharCole26 – Poke Blocked!
Jul 12CharCole27 – Great Motivational Speaker
Jul 13CharCole28 – Who’s That Pokemon?
Jul 14CharCole29 – An Apple A Day
Jul 15CharCole30 – Needle-ss Anxiety
Jul 16CharCole31 – Kinda Like Applying With A Blank Resume
Jul 17CharCole32 – Parental Advisery
Jul 18CharCole33 – He’s A Real Pushover
Jul 19CharCole34 – A Flock Of Loons
Jul 20CharCole35 – Wealthy Wheaton
Jul 21CharCole36 – I Wonder What’s For Dinner
Jul 22CharCole37 – Here Under Protest, Is ‘Beef Burgers’
Jul 23CharCole38 – Curiosity Was Framed!
Jul 24CharCole39 – U-G-L-Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi
Jul 25CharCole40 – Serious Business
Jul 26CharCole41 – Pokemom!
Jul 27CharCole42 – Mostly Harmless
Jul 28CharCole43 – Activating Combat Mode
Jul 29CharCole44 – Power Surge
Jul 30CharCole45 – Tears Of War
Jul 31CharCole46 – All My Friends Are Freaks
Aug 1CharCole47 – He Has Ears?
Aug 2CharCole48 – Yes, It’s A Cave In A Greenhouse. Shaddap.
Aug 3CharCole49 – Just Walk It Off
Aug 4CharCole50 – Stranger Than Friction
Aug 5CharCole51 – Scalding Lecture
Aug 6CharCole52 – Flametongue
Aug 7CharCole53 – A Sthmaw Speeth Impebimemp
Aug 8CharCole54 – Like Screaming In An Explosive Pillow
Aug 9CharCole55 – A Teary Reuinion
Aug 10CharCole56 – I’m Sorry You’re An Idiot
Aug 11CharCole57 – Meanwhile In The Hall Of Jay-Stice
Aug 12CharCole58 – Tonzura Koite
Aug 13CharCole59 – The Right Concerns
Aug 14CharCole60 – This Is The Title Of The Strip, Today
Aug 15CharCole61 – A Pokemon Trainer
Aug 16CharCole62 – With Great Responsibility Comes…Not A Whole Lot, Really
Aug 17CharCole63 – Teacher’s Pet
Aug 18CharCole64 – House Call
Aug 19CharCole65 – Take An Inch, Take A Mile
Aug 20CharCole66 – Psyche Out
Aug 21CharCole67 – [Citation Needed]
Aug 22CharCole68 – Generational Poverty
Aug 23CharCole69 – Broken Clocks Are Right Twice A Day, Too
Aug 24CharCole70 – Theo-nly One Home
Aug 25CharCole71 – Responsibility
Aug 26CharCole72 – And The Lack Thereof
Aug 27CharCole73 – Follow The Leader
Aug 28CharCole74 – Shady Service Plan
Aug 29CharCole75 – Funny You Should Mention That
Aug 30CharCole76 – Guilt Wars
Aug 31CharCole77 – Here Comes A New Challenger
Sep 1CharCole78 – FYI, That Proverb Wasn’t Meant To Be Taken Literally
Sep 2CharCole79 – Fire By Trial
Sep 3CharCole80 – Ugh…Even I’m Starting To Feel Sick With All These Puns
Sep 4CharCole81 – Well Duh!
Sep 5CharCole82 – Self Estimation
Sep 6CharCole83 – Mind Yourself
Sep 7CharCole84 – Make Up Your Mind
Sep 8CharCole85 – Something Of An Understatement
Sep 9CharCole86 – Let’s Go To The Thinking Chair
Sep 10CharCole87 – Complicated Contemplation
Sep 11CharCole88 – Retroactive Continuity
Sep 12CharCole89 – Pyrobiology
Sep 13CharCole90 – Trust Me
Sep 14CharCole91 – Wants and Needs
Sep 15CharCole92 – Destination Unknown
Sep 16CharCole93 – Identity Dichotomy
Sep 17CharCole94 – Growth
Sep 18CharCole95 – Not Playing
Sep 19CharCole96 – Plans and Schemes
Sep 20CharCole97 – You Look Different, Did You Get A Haircut?
Sep 21CharCole98 – Sticks And Stones
Sep 22CharCole99 – The Showdown
Sep 23CharCole100 – Dopple Dang!
Sep 24CharCole101 – Not Really The Point
Sep 25CharCole102 – A Lasting Impression
Sep 26CharCole103 – Opening Negotiations
Sep 27CharCole104 – Ultimate Combo
Sep 28CharCole105 – Blatant Foreshadowing
Sep 29CharCole106 – Pressing Concerns
Sep 30CharCole107 – Conversion Disorder
Oct 1CharCole108 – He Ain’t My Brother
Oct 2CharCole109 – Population Retired
Oct 3CharCole110 – Valedictorian At Betterthan U
Oct 4CharCole111 – Storytime!
Oct 5CharCole112 – Silvermist Festival
Oct 6CharCole113 – Pressure Peers
Oct 7CharCole114 – Bragging Rights
Oct 8CharCole115 – Wait, Was That A Fourth Wall Breach?
Oct 9CharCole116 – You Can Count On Him
Oct 10CharCole117 – Hot Topic
Oct 11CharCole118 – Espionage
Oct 12CharCole119 – Lost
Oct 13CharCole120 – Rule Breaker
Oct 14CharCole121 – On The Rebound
Oct 15CharCole122 – He Knows Kung-Fu
Oct 16CharCole123 – First Impressions
Oct 17CharCole124 – Altitudinally Impaired
Oct 18CharCole125 – No One Left Behind
Oct 19CharCole126 – Lucky Doesn’t Equal Fortunate
Oct 20CharCole127 – Anger Management
Oct 21CharCole128 – Preceeding Reputations
Oct 22CharCole129 – Curosity Immortalized The Cat?
Oct 23CharCole130 – Hangtime
Oct 24CharCole131 – Hitting The Wall
Oct 25CharCole132 – Yup We’re Boned
Oct 26CharCole133 – Shows Signs of Belonephobia
Oct 27CharCole134 – Theraputic Trauma
Oct 28CharCole135 – Go Wild!
Oct 29CharCole136 – You’re Fired
Oct 30CharCole137 – Out Of The Haze
Oct 31CharCole138 – Fifteen – Love
Nov 1CharCole139 – Keep Your Cool
Nov 2CharCole140 – Thirty-Two Degrees Gesundheit
Nov 3CharCole141 – Deja Vu
Nov 4CharCole142 – Nomenclature
Nov 5CharCole143 – Concussive Discussion
Nov 6CharCole144 – Family Ties
Nov 7CharCole145 – Wheaton Tea Party
Nov 8CharCole146 – Scatter Brian’d
Nov 9CharCole147 – It’s Not A Henway
Nov 10CharCole148 – So Close!
Nov 11CharCole149 – Autonomic Doors
Dec 13CharCole150 – Self Offense
Dec 14CharCole151 – Reason
Dec 15CharCole152 – Emotion
Dec 16CharCole153 – Insecurity
Dec 17CharCole154 – Qualification
Dec 18CharCole155 – History Mystery
Dec 19CharCole156 – Reckless Thriving
Dec 20CharCole157 – What is a Mander?
Dec 21CharCole158 – Breakfast Club
Dec 23CharCole159 – Falling For It
Dec 28CharCole160 – They Fell For It, Alright
Dec 30CharCole161 – Splitting Hairs