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Pokedex List

001 Bulbasaur Grass Type

Dex: Bulbasaur, the seed pokemon. The bulb on its back has a symbiotic relationship with the pokemon. It can provide energy to the pokemon using photosynthesis for up to 4 days. It is a calm and patient pokemon and is great for beginning trainers

Characters in Comic: Bud

002 Ivysaur Grass Type

Dex: Ivysaur, the seed pokemon. The blooming flower on its back produces a sweet aroma, but it’s pollen can be poisonous. Moderate quantities of antidote are advised.

Characters in Comic: Ivy

004 Charmander Fire Type

Dex: Charmander, the fire-lizard pokemon. Charmanders are energetic and curious. They will often wander off and explore new areas unaware of most dangers. Training requires much patience.

Characters in Comic: Charlie, Tigris*, Euphrates*

005 Charmeleon Fire Type

Dex: Charmeleon, the fire-lizard pokemon. Contrary to the Charmander’s playful demeanor, the Charmeleon is often highly aggressive and prone to disobedience. It’s tail is said to be a stronger weapon than any of its other limbs.

Characters in Comic: Zulo

006 Charizard Fire Type

Dex: Charizard, the flying-lizard pokemon. The Charizard is far calmer than its younger pre-evolution. They are generally apathetic toward other pokemon unless challenged. At this point they either respect you as its trainer or completely ignore you.

Characters in Comic: Aodan

007 Squirtle Water Type

Dex: Squirtle, the tiny-turtle pokemon. Squirtle is a timid pokemon and will retreat into its shell when frightened. Not prone to venturing or trying new things, it takes some strategy to raise into a battler. Good for intermediate trainers.

Characters in Comic: Shelby

015 Beedrill Bug Type

Dex: Beedrill, the swarm pokemon. Alone, a Beedrill is not much of a threat, but such an occurrence is rare. When provoked a beedrill will rally its colony and attack the source of the disturbance at once. It is considered one of the largest hazards out on the road.

Characters in Comic: The Swarm of Crop Forest

019 Rattata Normal Type

Dex: Rattata, the mouse pokemon. This cautious little pokemon is a common sight anywhere you go. It’s quick and elusive, but not hard to catch if you manage to corner it. It’s the most common first catch of new trainers. They’ll use their sharp teeth to gnaw at pretty much anything they can, so keep anything you wouldn’t like chew marks on away from them.

Characters in Comic: Phiedbach

025 Pikachu Electric Type

Dex: Pikachu, the spark-mouse pokemon. The pikachu is a generally docile pokemon with an eye for adventure. It can be stubborn and its electrically charged fur has been a hassle for many trainers. The red spots on its cheeks throw off sparks when it’s excited and it can sense thunderstorms on its whiskers.

Characters in Comic: Kraker

058 Growlithe Fire Type

Dex: Growlithe, the puppy pokemon. Growlithe are playful and carefree. They are loyal to their trainer and will often attempt to protect you if you’re in danger. Unfortunately its bark is usually worse than its bite.

Characters in Comic: Sirius

079 Slowpoke Water/Psychic Type

Dex: Slowpoke, the dopey pokemon. Slowpokes are considered a psychic type. Although, they’re rather slow on the uptake and it’s hard to believe it’s ever using its brain at all. They mostly laze all day fishing with their tails.

Characters in Comic: Pokey

094 Gengar Ghost Type

Dex: Gengar, the Shadow pokemon. Gengar has the unique ability to blend itself into the shadow of anything it likes. It also seems to steal the heat from the surrounding area, giving chills to anyone it’s sneaking up on. Like most ghost types, it takes pleasure in popping out and scaring people.

Characters in Comic: Ganon

095 Onix Rock Type

Dex: Onix, the Stonesnake pokemon. It’s said to be able to burrow through the ground at approximately 50 miles per hour by twisting its giant stone-like segments through the earth. And onix’s tunnels are often prefferred habitats for many subterranean pokemon.

Characters in Comic: Petrovsky*

104 Cubone Ground Type

Dex: Cubone, the bone pokemon. Popular myth describes the cubone’s helmet as being the remains of its mothers’ skull. When the cubone is old enough, it will seek out a club made from the femur of any remains it can find and use it as a weapon for hunting and self-defense.

Characters in Comic: Dante

123 Scyther Bug Type

Dex: Scyther, the mantis pokemon. Scythers are incredibly fast and have dangerously sharp sword-like claws. They are rarely seen by trainers and even moreso caught. Their movements have often been compared to that of a ninja.

Characters in Comic: The Boss aka Dominique

135 Jolteon Electric Type

Dex: Jolteon, the Lightning pokemon. Evolved from an Eevee using a thunderstone, the Jolteon’s fur is made up of hyper-conductive needles that stand on end whenever it’s preparing to attack. The greatest measurement of a Jolteon’s discharge is around 10,000 volts. Experienced trainers are hightly recommended.

Characters in Comic: Eve

149 Dragonite Dragon Type

Dex: Dragonite, the Sea Dragon pokemon. A Rare pokemon that lives near the ocean. It is said to have a natural intelligence rivaling that of humans. Urban myth indicates it is capable of circumnavigating the globe in under 16 hours.

Characters in Comic: Melchior

151 Mew Psychic Type

Dex: Mew, the Origin pokemon. This extinct pokemon is said to contain traits of all known pokemon in its genetic makeup. It is said to have a meek natur-vvzzk

?^@ Maoh Awesome Type

d3X: MaOh, the a-a-awsOme He toTalLy RulEs. Bow dOwn To yoUr nEW MastEr, ImbEciLe

Characters in Comic: Maoh

*Name is for discussion purposes only. These pokemon are wild and therefore have not yet been named.