Welcome to the world of CharCole!

When a young man awakes to find himself turned into a pokemon, his life takes a sharp turn. Never interested in becoming a trainer, Cole suddenly finds himself on the other end of the pokeball. And so he is thrust into an adventure, meeting new friends and very nearly enjoying his new body. Until he finds that locked within it is an incredible power that takes everything he has to hold back. The fire inside of him threatens to slowly eat away at his humanity. And now, Cole is torn between this life and his old one. Unsure if he’ll ever be able to return to it, or if he even wants to.
Charcole is Rated PG-13 for Language and Mild Violence, by the author.

About the Author

Call me Kyrio. I’m 21 years old and I draw pokemon in class. a college graduate that draws pokemon instead of finding a job. I think that about sums it up. – My Deviantart Gallery


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