Main Characters

Cole "Charlie" Lucien NeroCole “Charlie” Nero – Cole is a typical teenager who doesn’t feel understood by his parents. He’s generally seen as a sour young man with a sarcastic attitude. This plus his tendency to stay shut in his room all day has caused him to lead a very uneventful life. Most of his day is spent practicing martial arts and tending to the indoor garden in his room. He finds both activities relaxing and a good distraction from his stressful relationship with his father. One day, however, Cole somehow finds himself in a strange machine that turns him into a pokemon and flings him into the wild. In his confusion he was easily captured by an over-enthusiastic new trainer, Brian, and given the name “Charlie”.

Brian Oliver WheatonBrian Wheaton – Brian is the third child of Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton. Both of which are wealthy entrepreneurs and respectable in the Lassoh region. His mother’s line has held the position of Marquee Gym Leader for generations, and his sister has recently succeeded her. He stands in the shadows of his family with a smile on his face and a cold determination to prove himself. Usually without taking any necessary precautions before doing so. He is impulsive and light-hearted, and never quick to anger, but always quick to conclusions. He’ll rush head first into anything, and is often surprised at what awaits him. He’s a little dense and naive, but he means well and has the potential to be a great trainer, one day.

BudBud – Bud the Bulbasaur is the starting pokemon of choice for Brian. The pair match well in personality, though Bud is still impressionable. He is eager to please and will follow orders almost exactly. Often leading to injury, considering the nature of his trainer. But Bud doesn’t hold grudges, and if anything, considers each loss a learning experience for both him and Brian. He’s also the first one to believe Charlie, er…Cole’s story about being a human. But not through any sort of proof, but by a hunch and his gut.

Dante – Dante’s a wild Cubone. Caught, not by Brian, but by Cole when he had to outmaneuver a swarm of beedril in Crop Forest. Boastful and loud, Dante seems to use a mask of confidence in order to hide a sad child afraid of being ridiculed and unable to fend for itself. Dante’s found the only pokemon, or person for that matter, that’s ever shown affection of any sort in Cole.  Because of this, Dante willingly discards life in the wild to be with him.

Raijal Tanner – Raijal Tanner is a veteran trainer in the Lassoh region. He’s completed a full circuit of the gyms 2 years ago, and recently started his second. Determined to beat his 10th place placement in the championship. But sometimes a simple errand can change your entire plan. Tasked by Professor Cedar to deliver a mysterious pokeball to his colleague Professor Nero, some weeks ago, Raijal has found himself tempted, teleported, overpowered and controlled by the sinister psychic known to many as Maoh the Magnificent. But all of this would only lead up to Charlie, the strange Charmander caught by Brian Wheaton. Determined to not be disregarded as a simple tool, Raijal has started working on a way to get back at the little pink puppeteer. If only he knew where to begin.

Kraker – Sadistic and unrelenting. A powerhouse of electric potential energies and a partiality for pain. Kraker is, at essence, an artist. His canvas just happens to be your face. But it’s nothing personal, really. He’s just out to do his job, and do it well. He’s a bully and prankster, and will gladly stomp on your tail for a cheap laugh. If not for his utter loyalty to his friends and deep sense of justice, he might be considered a down right jacka$&.